Special design table legs with 4 hidden casters underside of tabletop that can be released whenever the user needs to move the table. Better for portability and different types of storage.




  1.Easy and convenient to remove (Move Fast, Use Quick)

  2.Time and labour saving for transportation and storage: operational

    by single person (Save Work, Save Space)

  3.Reducing damages during transportation and storage (Safety)

  4.Durable materials help to prolong product life (Stronger)

  5.Easy to maintenance (Save Cost)




  1.In limited space e.g. a condominium, an apartment, normal households

  2.Large room – in order to reduce time and labour for movability

  3.Any place that needs a table with various purposes e.g.

   Schools, hotels, hospitals, factory, restaurants etc.


How to use Folding Table with 4 hidden Casters



  1.Users who occasionally use the table with limited space.

  2.Users who want handy and movable table

  3.Single-user (able to operate by only one person)

  4.Miscellaneous user e.g. working table, dining table, meeting table,

    party table, etc.

  5.18 years old and above who can help themselves


There are many sizes to choose

60(W) x 120(L) x 75(H) cm.

60(W) x 150(L) x 75(H) cm.

60(W) x 180(L) x 75(H) cm.

75(W) x 120(L) x 75(H) cm.

75(W) x 150(L) x 75(H) cm.

75(W) x 180(L) x 75(H) cm.

90(W) x 120(L) x 75(H) cm.

90(W) x 150(L) x 75(H) cm.

90(W) x 180(L) x 75(H) cm.

120(W) x 120(L) x 75(H) cm.

120(W) x 150(L) x 75(H) cm.

120(W) x 180(L) x 75(H) cm.

And round table 120, 150, 180 cm.


       This folding table with casters is granted a patent no.62380 by the Kingdom of Thailand. Individual, company or organization copy, reproduce or distribute this product without permission are subject to Intellectual Property Right Act No.85 of Kingdom of Thailand with an imprisonment of not more than 2 years, or a fine in the amount up to 400,000 THB, or both.

List of Country got patent for,

“Magic” Folding table with Caster.

1. China
2. Indonesia
3. Japan
4. Korea
5. Malaysia

6. Philippines
7. Sweden
8. Thailand
9. U.S.A.
10. Vietnam



  Comparison between “Magic” Folding table with caster

  And normal folding table

โต๊ะพับ โต๊ะขาพับ โต๊ะพับติดล้อ Magic

General folding table

Hard to carry can’t move

โต๊ะพับ โต๊ะขาพับ โต๊ะพับติดล้อ Magic

The usual storage for normal folding table is piling up on the floor, which often damage table tops, making product life short. It is difficult to transport and inconvenient.

Innovative folding table with 4 closely hidden caster

Easy safety movable, saving storage space

โต๊ะพับ โต๊ะขาพับ โต๊ะพับติดล้อ Magic

The user can keep the table by putting them in rows vertically not only does it prevent table top damage, it is also convenient, flexible and maintaining table top quality.